Monday, February 1, 2010

Keith Mccoy CEO Band - New Country Music singer Keith Mccoy was born in Pasadena Texas, and raised in Channelview, Texas. Keith starting performing in clubs when he was 16 years old, Keith's dad Herman Mccoy would take Keith out to the clubs and places their band was playing. Back at that time the lead singer in Keith's dad's band was Gene Watson. During the years Keith formed a band and has played and backed up many well known artist thru the years such as George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Bobby Bare, Gene Watson, Eddie Raven, Vern Godsin , Gary Stewart, Ace In The Hole Band, Ricky Skaggs, Randy Cornor, Kelly Schoppa, Mundo Earwood, Brian Collins, Cecil Shaw, Archie Bell and the Drells, and many more. Keith has started a new band and is back out on tour again. Keith Mccoy and CEO Band is a high energy band, that works with the crowd. We play New Country, Classic Country, Texas Country, R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Cajan , as well as many original songs written by Keith and some well know co-writer s in the music business. Keith Mccoy is on Astra Record Label, and works out of Astra Recording Keith Mccoy has finished his CD project recorded at Cherryridge Studio in Floresville Texas. Keith recorded 17 new original songs using some of the Ace In The Hole Band members, George Strait's band, such as Benny mcauthur, Rick mcrae, Mike Daily, Ronnie Huckaby, and Thom Flora. Other band members on the project included Randy Cornor, Bobby Flores, Tommy Detamore, Dan Dreeben, and Al Quaid. We are proud of our project.

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